Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Watchin' Stuff (New) Portlandia Drinking Game

Hi there folks! As you know, it's been several months since I've posted an new drinking game and I figured it was high time for a new one. However, instead of creating a game based on a new show, I decided to revamp a previous show's drinking game. I made the original Portlandia drinking game before the start of season 2 and I've since realized some of the rules were not as relevant to the subsequent seasons as I had hoped. So, in order to rectify my lack of foresight into the development of Portlandia, I've made a brand, spanking, shiny, new Portlandia drinking game, perfect to play while watching any of the show's four seasons. So, try your hand at some mixology or just fill your mason jar with your favorite whiskey and have some fun with the official Watchin' Stuff (New) Portlandia Drinking Game. But remember, don't drink and bike.

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