Friday, March 2, 2012

Podcast of Episode 4: 90s Kids' Shows

Hey People!

So, this morning's show was all about the awesome programming we grew up with in the 90's. It was a walk down memory lane in a big way for us. As always, if you didn't get to tune in at the ungodly time of 9 AM (on a friday!), we have kindly posted the podcast version for you aural pleasure. If you have a free 54 minutes, please take a listen.

And if talk of kids shows inspires you to drink, try our official Watchin' Stuff drinking game.


  1. I like the show, but why the HUGE Wav files instead of MP3's?

    1. We only did that in the beginning because we hoped it would provide a better sound quality. In the end I don't think it did make much of a difference, but the later episodes are mp3s I believe. Sorry for the inconvenience. In the future we will stick to mp3.