Friday, February 5, 2016

Watchin' Stuff Lite Vol. 14

Hey guys, I'm back so soon, can you believe it? I can't. But, here I am to drop another Watchin' Stuff Lite for your enjoyment. So, here are five more things that I have recently enjoyed and you should too.

#1. The Apocalypse Song - St. Vincent. For me, St. Vincent was kind of an acquired taste. In fact it took quite a few listens over the course of a few plane trips last May to get to really like her and this song in particular. Test it out, maybe you'll take to it quicker.

#2. Difficult People. Based on the promo and the title I thought I was really going to hate this show. But, I gave it a shot anyway and was so pleasantly surprised. The creation of Julie Klausner, who also plays one of the main character, Difficult People follows Julie and her best friend Billy, played by Billy Eichner, in their daily dealings with the world at large. The beauty of this show lies simply in the jaded, cynical, sarcastic and generally dysfunctional way that both Julie and Billy approach basically every situation with which they are faced. I'd say it's somewhat akin to a strange hybrid of Broad City and Curb Your Enthusiasm, just to give you a taste of both the relationship between the two main characters and way they approach those around them. This show is a "Hulu Original" so head over there to check it out. It's a very quick watch.

#3. The Killing Type - Amanda Palmer.

#4. Please Like Me. Another show that was written by the same people who play the main characters, Please Like Me is an Australian show that follows a twentysomething named Josh (played by writer Josh Thomas) who, after a breakup with his longtime girlfriend, realizes he is attracted to men. Over the course of this self-discovery he is also forced to deal with his mother's depression and attempt to figure out how to conduct himself as a new adult. Both amusing and relatable, Please Like Me is another solid show that can be found on Hulu.

#5. Cities in Dust - Siouxsie & the Banshees. Just a solid tune.

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